Staying one step ahead of others also means keeping an eye to the future. With this in mind, the Azimut Benetti Group is convinced that respect for the environment is an essentiai value that provides a true competitive advantage. For this reason, the Group reserves special focus to research and development.

Among the results of Azimut Benetti's Centre for Research and Development, the most advanced in the yachting world, is the development of hybrid engines. A revolutionary technology that reduces consumption during short day-cruising outings and almost totally eliminates noise. The exclusive Easy Hybrid system, in particular, holds the advantage of being able to shift from traditional systems to electrical systems and vice versa very easily, even in automatic mode and without interrupting sailing.

The Easy Hybrid system is the green heart of Azimut's Magellano 50. Presented in Genoa in October 2010, it is the first motor yacht of this size to receive the Rina Green Plus class notation. This is a highly eco-friendly yacht which consumes up to 13% less than a boat of equal proportions, thanks to the combination of the hybrid engine and the particular shape of its hull .

The following years show clear confirmation of technical and technological expertise, a period during which research, advanced design and experimenting with innovative materials were undertaken by the Companyís best and brightest, accompanied by Company growth. The quality of its work was ultimately recognised with the awarding of ISO 9001 certification in 1996 (one of the first for shipyards) by the Registro Italiano Navale.

And yet for Azimut Benetti Group respecting the environment starts from the production plants, thanks to implementation of a system of environmental management designed to limit air pollution, energy consumption, and the use of chemical products.

In October 2011 Azimut-Benetti S.p.A. received the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification (BS OHSAS 18001:2007). The certification was awarded by RINA S.p.A, an international organisation and member of CISQ Federation. Azimut-Benetti, the only company in its sector in Italy and worldwide to earn this certification, makes a real milestone in promoting safety and responsibility.

Azimut Benetti has been successful in bringing eco-friendliness to new heights in the seafaring tradition, through a plan of corporate sustainability rooted in the whole value chain: from research and development, to the production process and to the finished product.