Edu&Career Guidance stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for new candidates, students, and esteemed partnerships with national and international colleges and universities. The strategic partnerships with esteemed academic institutions facilitate collaborative opportunities, knowledge exchange, and the cultivation of a talent pipeline primed for success. Edu&Career Guidance is a catalyst for individual empowerment, organizational advancement, and the realization of ambitious career aspirations.

Visits at the Shipyard

“Whatever decision you have made for your future, you are authorised, and I would say encouraged, to subject it to constant scrutiny, ready to change it if it no longer meets your desires”.

(Rita Levi-Montalcini)


  • To propose paths dedicated to schools and universities, aimed at orienting young people towards ‘sea’ professions.
  • To place new people in the process of consolidating their studies through training apprenticeships.
  • To present and promote the company to attract the best talents

A Network of collaboration

A large network of schools and training institutes, institutions and universities in Italy and around the world.

Latest Actions

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The Academy adopts a holistic teaching method, with the dual objective of facilitating the professional growth path of individuals and training professionals who are in high demand in the boating industry to foster employment.
The structure of the courses is outlined in four major areas of focus:


Academy dei Cantieri

The Shipyard Academy is aimed at passing on the art of “saper fare” in shipbuilding and the technical skills to the profiles working on yachts, from design to delivery.

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Managerial & Behavioral Academy

Aimed at upskilling, reskilling and executive education of the Group’s people.

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Company DNA

A program for the evaluation and enhancement of the professional profile within internal growth paths and the sharing of values and behaviours of the Group’s corporate culture.

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