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The Vision

Azimut Benetti Academy was founded with the aim of sharing and developing knowledge and creative ideas preserving Italian savoir faire, enhancing and strengthening talents and guaranteeing the future growth of the Group.

The Mission

The pioneering Azimut Benetti Academy stands out in the nautical industry for its holistic approach, redefining conventional training paradigms. The Academy imparts technical expertise and craftsmanship  but also fosters managerial development, acknowledging the interconnectedness of these facets within the industry; a place where the rich knowledge and deep experience of esteemed professionals converge, igniting a transformative journey towards value creation. By instilling corporate culture and values, the Academy cultivates an environment conducive to comprehensive professional growth, nurturing employability for generations to come.

Areas of Intervention
Hours of training

The structure and thematic areas

The Academy bases its work on a holistic approach to training with the dual objective of accompanying people on their path to professional growth and creating the figures most in demand in the nautical sector in order to generate employment.
The training structure is divided into four areas of intervention:

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Cover Academy dei cantieri Azimut Benetti Group Corporate Academy

Academy dei Cantieri

The Shipyard Academy is aimed at passing on the art of “saper fare” in shipbuilding and the technical skills to the profiles working on yachts, from design to delivery.

Managerial & Behavioral Academy

Aimed at upskilling, reskilling and executive education of the Group’s people.

Cover Company D.N.A. Azimut Benetti Group Corporate Academy

Company DNA

A program for the evaluation and enhancement of the professional profile within internal growth paths and the sharing of values and behaviours of the Group’s corporate culture.

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Edu & Career Guidance

For new candidates, students and partnerships with national and international colleges and universities.