At the heart of Company DNA lies a steadfast commitment to cultivating and refining the essential business skills vital for the organization’s growth and evolution. Central to this endeavor is the recognition and alignment of individuals with the company’s products and ethos, instilling a sense of pride and ownership that serves as a driving force for collective success. By nurturing a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, Company DNA empowers employees to embrace innovation, seize new opportunities, and propel the organization towards sustained excellence.

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“Be the best of whatever you are. Discover what you will be in your life. Then set out with passion to realise it in life”.

(Martin Luther King)


  • Ensure that new recruits are familiar with the company, its culture and product.
  • Develop specialist and transversal skills for career advancement.
  • Assessing potential in order to define development actions targeted and functional to the organisation’s objectives.
  • Share values and behaviour, promoting belonging and Group culture

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The Academy bases its work on a holistic approach to training with the dual objective of accompanying people on their path to professional growth and creating the figures most in demand in the nautical sector in order to generate employment. The training structure is divided into four areas of intervention:


Academy dei Cantieri

The Shipyard Academy is aimed at passing on the art of “saper fare” in shipbuilding and the technical skills to the profiles working on yachts, from design to delivery.

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Managerial & Behavioral Academy

Aimed at upskilling, reskilling and executive education of the Group’s people.

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Edu&Career Guidance

For new candidates, students and partnerships with national and international colleges and universities.

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